22 Rare Errol Flynn Audio Recordings!

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Joe E Lewis Roast: Errol gets even with comedians who make fun of him in adult Language! rm it is not a  scam.

Blood Drive Gotcha: The only known prank recorded by Errol Flynn on his pal, Anthony Quinn, during a blood drive radio broadcast! More Adult language!Excellent !

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Audio Descriptions:
22 Errol Flynn Audio Recordings

The Lux Radio Theatre. February 22, 1937. CBS net, KNX, Los Angeles aircheck. "Captain Blood". Sponsored by: Lux. Peter Blood is accused of treason, is exiled to the Spanish Main, where he escapes and becomes Captain Blood, a notorious pirate. Intermission guests are Charles Courtney (an expert safe-cracker, billed as the "world's greatest locksmith") and Douglas MacLean (intermission guest: silent movie actor and producer). Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Donald Crisp, Henry Stephenson, Herbert Marshall (guest host), Charles Courtney, Douglas MacLean, Casey Robinson (screenwriter), Rafael Sabatini (author), Ferdinand Munier, Vernon Downing, Leo McCabe, Ward Dane, Eric Snowden, Wyndham Standing, Vernon Steele, Edward Cooper, Eric Lonsdale, Lou Merrill, Helen Brown, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), Jerry Gail, Charles Emerson, Robert Payton (triples), Viola Moore, George French, David Kerman (triples), Ross Forrester (triples), Kenneth Rundquist (chorus), Kirby Hoon (chorus), Hubert Head (chorus), Richard Davis (chorus), Tudor Williams (chorus), Dudley Kusell (chorus), Harry Stanton (chorus), William Brandt (chorus), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 1 hour.

“Born in Ireland, a descendant of Fletcher Christain who led the historical mutiny on the Bounty, Errols old adventures on the South Seas before he turned actor read like a page of strangest fiction. Signed by Warner Brother’s, he made his first Hollywood success in tonight’s story, and his latest film is Green Light.”
In the post interview Errol says: “Life is still primitive over there in New Guinea. I spent 6 years in the islandsfirst as a patrol officer of the constabulary. If you can picture me as a cop, you can realize how primitive the place must have been ... (after that) Well I grew a beard and became a beach comber. When I got tired of combing the beach and the beard, I traded a bit in pearls, after that I got ahold of a schooner and went into the copra business.”

Beam Ends has just been published.

Flynn says he is  flying to New York in an hour and then sails to Europe .He hopes to get a look at the Spanish War, and then, on the way home, Errol spends a few weeks in South America.

The Lux Radio Theatre. June 7, 1937. CBS net. "British Agent". Sponsored by: Lux. Romance and adventure with an English diplomat in Moscow during the Russian Revolution. De Mille makes a mistake during the final interviews and gets the name wrong during a film plug. He also anounces the death of Jean Harlow "a few hours ago." Errol Flynn, Frances Farmer, C. Montague Shaw, Cecil B. DeMille, Colin Campbell, Cy Kendall, Don Terry, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), James Eagles, John Lake, Joseph Kearns, Lee Millar, Lou Merrill, Louis Silvers (music director), Ross Forrester (doubles), Laird Doyle (screenwriter), H. Bruce Lockhart (author), Nathalie Bucknall (intermission interview: former secret agent during the war, and head of the research department for MGM), Dolly Tree (intermission interview: costume designer for MGM), Melville Ruick (announcer), Harold Wilson, George Webb (doubles), Kenneth Hansen, Charles Emerson, Margaret MacDonald (commercial spokesman), Margaret Brayton (commercial spokesman), Grace Kerns (commercial spokesman), Barbara Jean Wong (commercial spokesman), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 60:42.

Background: Errol Flynn, Captain of a trading schooner in the South Seas, a descendant of Fletched Christain, an officer in charge of native Constabulary, a pearl and coral fisher , a beachcomber, and a member of England’s boxing team in the 1928 Olympics. For a time in Australia, he was also a bottle smeller. Once he led a film expedition to New Guinea where the natives were headhunters and they shoot him in the ankle. Returning to New Guinea to dig for gold, made a small fortune. And quickly spent it- bought a boat and, with three friends, duplicated the voyage made by Captain Bly of the Bounty up the inner passage of the Great Barrier Reef from Sydney to the South Seas. Back in Australia, had his first taste of picture acting, made a second film in England and was soon on Warner Brother's payroll. He has written 1 book and many short stories.

Recently, Flynn had spent several weeks in the battle front of Spain. Shells exploding over his head and machine gun bullets whining past - was pretty frightening. He was convinced of one thing: That is, that  the only cause, in the world today, worth fighting for, and that every man and woman should fight for, is the cause of peace.” A large caliber shell burst about 50 yards away and was hit on the head by falling debris and suffered a concussion for several days. He has just completed a new film with Kay Francis called Another Dawn.

Announces death, a few hours ago, of Jean Harlow.

The Lux Radio Theatre. December 6, 1937. CBS net. "These Three". Sponsored by: Lux. A drama about a school destroyed by lies and scandal. Errol Flynn, Barbara Stanwyck, Mary Astor, Cecil B. DeMille, Constance Collier, Dorothy Gray, Alma Kruger, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), Helen Parrish, Lou Merrill, Louis Silvers (music director), Marcia Mae Jones, Melville Ruick (announcer), Lillian Hellman (author, screenwriter), Patience Abbe (intermission guest), Richard Abbe (intermission guest), Johnny Abbe (intermission guest), Sidney Newman, Ross Forrester, Estelle Hyman, Lois Lee, June Smaney, Eloise Spann (chorus), Mills Jewell (chorus), Dorothy Jackson (chorus), Nancy Kellogg (chorus), Mildred Carroll (chorus), June Robbins (chorus), Elva Lois Kellogg (chorus), Katherine Rue (chorus), Barbara Whitson (chorus), Winona Black (chorus), Enrico Ricardi (chorus), Mary Lansing (commercial spokesman), Sista Axselle (commercial spokesman), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 58:31.

“The Dublin born globe trotter, who came to Hollywood after a daring career in the South Seas.” He Is currently making the film The Adventures of Robin Hood.

The Lux Radio Theatre. January 31, 1938. CBS net. "The Green Light". Sponsored by: Lux. A drama about a young doctor who takes the blame for the death of the patient of another, and almost dies himself as a research subject.  Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, C. Aubrey Smith, Cecil B. DeMille, Polly Ann Young, Frank Nelson, James Eagles, John Lake, Lee Millar, Lou Merrill, Janet Young, Roy Gordon, Ethel Wales,  Ross Forrester, Henry Anthony, Cora Colbrook, Ingbord Tillich. Louis Silvers (music director), Melville Ruick (announcer), Dr. Liloyd C. Douglas (author and minister), Alton Cook, Radio Editor of the New York World Telegram, and Dinty Doyled, Radio Editor of the New York Journal American and columnist for the Hearst papers (intermission guests), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 58:31.

Interesting description of the physical setup of the studio.

Errol and Olivia just completed shooting Robin Hood 2 weeks before and went on vacation- he to New York, and she to Palm Springs. Errol has bought the 75’ Sirocco and plans a trip sometime in March, after the finish of (Four’s A Crowd?) down to the Carribean through the West Indies.

The Lux Radio Theatre. January 2, 1939. CBS net. "The Perfect Speciman". Sponsored by: Lux Soap. A multi-millionaire bred to be "a perfect speciman," takes off to be his own man and avoid his dominating grandmother. Dr. Floyd L. Ruch, an associate professor of psychology is interviewed. Joan Blondell has trouble reading her script during the post-story interview. Errol Flynn, Joan Blondell, May Robson, Cecil B. DeMille, Lou Merrill (performer, commercial spokesman), Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), Byron K. Foulger, Lindsay MacHarrie, Alma Lloyd, Clem Bevins, Eddie Waller (doubles), Ross Forrester, Gay Seabrook, Billy Bletcher, Bob Burleson (doubles), Earle Ross (doubles), Lou Fulton, Edward Marr (doubles), Louis Silvers (music director), Samuel Hopkins Adams (author), Melville Ruick (announcer), Norman Reilly Raine (screenwriter), Lawrence Riley (screenwriter), Brewster Morse (screenwriter), Fritz Falkenstein (screenwriter), Caroline Frasher, Raoul DeLeon, Gil Patric, David Kerman, Margaret Brayton, Floyd L. Ruch (intermission guest), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 59:37.

“A constable in the New Guinea police at 17, an overseer of a copra plantation, then collumnist for a Sydney Australian newspaper, master of a trading boat, gold prospector, memner of the Australian Boxing Team in the 1928 Olympics- he’s never stopped roving.”

Dawn Patrol has just been released. Flynn planning trip to Cat Cay in Bahamas for giant tuna fishing in the early spring. He also plans to sail Sirocco II in the annual race from California to Hawaii in the summer.

The Lux Radio Theatre. April 10, 1939. CBS net. "Lives Of A Bengal Lancer". Sponsored by: Lux. A good story about Her Majesty's Lancers in Northwest India, battling rebellious tribesmen. A story about the traditions of the regiment and its sense of honor! The intermission guest is General Hugh Johnson, former Administrator of the N. R. A., columnist, and soldier under General Pershing. He speaks from Washington D. C. Errol Flynn, Brian Aherne, C. Aubrey Smith, Cecil B. DeMille, Eric Snowden, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), Douglas Dumbrille, Hugh Johnson (intermission guest), Ian MacLaren, Ian Purvis, C. Montague Shaw, Lal Chand Mehra, Lou Merrill, Louis Silvers (music director), Melville Ruick (announcer), Nancy Leach, Grover Jones (screenplay), William Slavens McNutt (screenwriter), Achmed Abdullah (screenwriter), Jackie Cooper, Waldemar Young (screenwriter),John Balderston (screenwriter), Francis Yeats-Brown (author), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 60:27.

Mention of trip to Dodge City, Kansas. Actors, newspaper reporters, photographers all traveled to Dodge City. A town of 10,000 people grew  to 100,000. Mentions being in this country over 4 years.

The Gulf Screen Guild Theatre. May 21, 1939. CBS net. A Revue. Sponsored by: Gulf. The King Sisters swing out in pidgin English and dialect Chinese! Errol Flynn (m.c.), Constance Bennett, Gertrude Niesen, Robert Benchley, Maxie Rosenbloom, The King Sisters, John Conte (announcer), Oscar Bradley and His Orchestra, Mark Sandrich (director), A. Dorian Ardvass (? writer). 29:48.

The Lux Radio Theatre. March 4. 1940. CBS net. Trade Winds. Sponsored by: Lux. A woman accused of murder leads a detective on a worldwide chase in this crime caper . Errol Flynn, Joan Bennett, Mary Astor, Ralph Bellamy. From general series information: Cecil B.De Mille (host), Sanford Barnett (director), George Wells, Sanford Barnett (writers), Melville Ruick (announcer), Max Uhlig, David Light Walter Pierson, Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 60:00.

The Gulf Screen Guild Theatre. November 24, 1940. CBS net. "Allergic To Ladies". Sponsored by: Gulf Oil. A racketeer invents a wife and family to stay out of jail. He's naturally surprised when they actually show up. Frank Tours (conductor), Oscar Bradley and His Orchestra, William Rankin (writer), Alan Hale, Nan Grey, Roger Pryor (host), Errol Flynn, Eleanore Griffin (writer), Jane Wyman. 29:40.

The Lux Radio Theatre. May 26, 1941. CBS net. "Virginia City". Sponsored by: Lux. A good western about two southern spies who travel to Nevada to obtain gold for the Confederacy. Errol Flynn, Martha Scott, Cecil B. DeMille, Charles Seel (doubles), Edward Arnold Jr. (doubles), Edwin Max, Forrest Taylor (doubles), Frank McGlynn, Gale Gordon, Griff Barnett, Hans Conried, James Eagles (doubles), Lou Merrill, Louis Silvers (music director), Melville Ruick (announcer), Stanley Farrar (doubles), Theodore Von Eltz, Warren Ashe, Mildred Carroll, Julie Bannon (commercial spokesman), Duane Thompson (commercial spokesman), Lois Collier (commercial spokesman), Robert Buckner (screenwriter), Sanford Barnett (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 60:04.

The Cavalcade Of America. November 17, 1941. Red net. "They  Died With Their Boots On". Commercials deleted. The story of General George Custer, and the events leading up to the massacre at the Little Big Horn. The picture of the same name opened three days after this broadcast. Errol Flynn, Bud Collyer (announcer), Jeanette Nolan, Kenny Delmar (doubles), Edwin Jerome (triples), John McIntire (doubles), Karl Swenson (doubles), Ted Jewett, Frank Readick, Buster Wiles, Elliott Reid (doubles), Wally Klein (screenwriter), Aeneas MacKenzie (screenwriter), Robert Tallman (adaptor), Homer Fickett (producer, director), Donald Voorhees (composer, conductor). 27:12.

The Gulf Screen Guild Theatre. February 8, 1942. CBS net. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. Sponsored by: Gulf Oil.  a constantly bickering couple – the Smiths – suddenly discover they are not really married. Oscar Bradley and His Orchestra, Bud Easton (announcer), Roger Prior (director). Errol Flynn, Lana Turner, Roger Prior. 29:35.

"Armed Forces Radio Network During the war years, 1942-1945, Flynn made numerous brief ragio spots for the Armed Forces Radio Network as public service announcements which aired at various times on different stations." - Errol Flynn: A BioBibliography by Peter Valenti. Blood Drive Commercial: This particular recording, I believe, is the ONLY known TRUE recording of an instance of a Flynn practical joke that has survived. It is, ostensibly, a LIVE radio commercial break during an equally LIVE radio program broadcast. Anthony Quinn and Flynn are doing this spot for a blood drive. Quinn is making the pitch, in earnest, explaining the process of giving blood and highlighting how they give you a glass of milk at the end. Flynn playfully interjects: “Do they give you any rum in it?” Quinn fumbles a bit in his words, and Flynn adds how they call the drink a “Velvet Cow” in Australia.  Quinn tries to recover and pick up where he left off and continues till he reaches his final point: “ ...  with men giving their lives, the least everyone can do is give a drop of blood.” Errol, rather thick tongued in his speech, now takes over commenting on the quality of the preceding entertainment (the radio program) by saying: “As a matter of fact, you know all of this program, you know damn well it’s a lot of crap.” And then just as suddenly retreats (in silence) leaving “Tony” to pick it up from there. Quinn doesn’t seem to know what to say next. Finally, a third person enters the conversation and is chewing them both out, about expletives being said on the Columbia Network, WITH HIS OWN EXPLETIVES. And that’s where the recording ends abruptly. Once thought about, there can be but one conclusion- the mike wasn’t live, and so this was, in fact, a practical joke played on Quinn, by the third man and Quinn’s partner. What we couldn’t hear, but was no doubt later said ... “Gotcha Tony!” 1/1944.

The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre. February 14, 1944. CBS net. "Gentleman Jim". Sponsored by: Lady Esther. The story of the new heavyweight champ and his rocky romance with a socialite. Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, Ward Bond, Grant Withers, Truman Bradley (announcer). 29:38. Command Performance. July 30, 1944. Program #131. AFRS origination. The show is performed before an audience of four hundred WAVES. The first tune on the show is "Would You Rather Wish On A Star." Cass Daley commands an all-girl battleship! Errol Flynn sings while taking a shower! Barbara Stanwyck (m. c.), Dick Haymes, Errol Flynn, June Allyson, Cass Daley, Sterling Holloway, Harry Von Zell (announcer). 30:23.

Theatre Of Romance. February 5, 1946. CBS net. "Gentleman Jim". Sponsored by: Colgate Tooth Powder, Halo Shampoo. The story of a fighting Irishman, "Gentleman" James Corbett, and how he became heavyweight champion of the world! Errol Flynn, Joan Lorring, Frank Graham (host), Charles Vanda (producer), Paul Pierce (adaptor). 24:34.

The Three Musketeers. 1947. The famous story of intrigue in the Court of Louis XIII. Errol Flynn (narrator, performer), Sanford Bickart, Kenneth Harvey, Frank Graham and Paul Marion. Ralph Rose (director), Carmen Dragon (orchestra conducted by). 1/2 hour.

That Forsythe Woman interview. 1948.  With Dick Simmons from the MGM Soundstage. 4:44.

The Modern Adventures Of Casanova (Aka: The Missing Arm of Venus de Milo). May 22,1952. Mutual net. Commercials deleted. The descendent of the famous Italian diplomat is secretly an agent for Interpol, an international crime fighting organization. Christopher Casanova is sent to Jamaica to recover the priceless arm from a statue stolen from the Caribbean Museum in Kingston. It was one of the missing arms of the Venus de Milo! Errol Flynn, Walter Schumann (composer, conductor), Ben Wright, William N. Robson (director), Peter Dixon (writer), Nan Boardman, Peg La Centra, Ramsay Hill, Ed Begley, Walter King. 25:25.

Joe E Lewis Roast, Friars Club, New York City, New York, 1957. Jack E. Leonard (host). In one part of this, Jack E Leonard gives a 5 minute introduction for Errol Flynn, and Flynn, in turn, makes a 4 minute jab back at the comedians who made him the butt of their jokes for years. ADULT LANGUAGE from Errol Flynn. 9:00.

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